Our Team

Christian Duhain

Chief Executive Officer

With more than forty years’ experience in the aviation and defense industries, Christian Duhain combines a rare mix of international business know-how and industrial strategy acquired throughout his career, from his early days as an engineer in airborne avionics at Thales to being in charge of major sales programs for market leaders such as Dassault or Matra Defense. His strong drive and management skills led him to become in 2005 Corporate President of EADS International where he successfully conducted the group’s worldwide strategy (Airbus, ATR, CASA, Eurocopter, Astrium, MBDA) for half a decade. He left the company in 2011 to create Global Sky in Singapore, initially exclusively providing consultancy services to conglomerates wanting to develop in the Asia-Pacific region, either through direct sales, internal or external growth. Christian diversified the geographic and activity scopes of the company since, adding aircraft trading among many others capabilities.

Abel Mercier

Head of Sales & Marketing

Abel ventured in the Aviation Industry right after graduating with his Masters in Corporate Finance in Paris. He moved to Malaysia to start at Helipartner within the Finance Department and was appointed in 2015 Head of Internal Audit and Group Participations. Field passionate, he quickly moved towards a more operational role within the company, becoming responsible of the contract management division for South-East Asia (Aircraft leasing & OEMs). He left the company in 2016 to join Rotortrade Services as Sales & Network Manager for Asia-Pacific, successfully securing sales contracts throughout the region. In 2018, he moved to Singapore to start at Global Sky with Christian Duhain. His financial background and business acumen constitute key assets when it comes to handling aviation projects and complex aircraft transactions.

Jean-Luc Valerio

Associate - People's Republic of China

Jean-Luc has built forty years of experience pursuing his passion in the world of Aerospace and Defense. After completing his education as an Aeronautical Engineer and a military career as jet pilot in the French Air Force, Jean-Luc worked for Aerospatiale, ATR, EADS and Airbus, heading numerous country branches namely Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indochinese countries, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea and China. He accumulated solid international expertise in the business of Airliners, Helicopters, Space Technologies and Defense – Missiles, Combat jets, Air/Naval/Land Equipment. With his strong proficiency and unique comprehension of these ever growing markets, he has closely contributed to the development of the European Aerospace and Defense footprint in the Asia-Pacific region, weaving along the way, a rich network among Airlines, OEMs and other Professionals of the sector. Jean-Luc left Airbus in 2019 to join Global Sky. Aligned with the values of the Group, he believes in high adaptability and solution based platforms to provide enhanced customer experience in the fast changing conditions of today’s industry.

Francois Dubrulle

Associate Space Systems

Francois Dubrulle is a Space Tech expert who has experienced the full spectrum of enterprise management, from startups to multi-billion-dollar companies. Through 30 years of experience in the global aerospace industry, he has founded and served as CEO of multiple technology and asset management entities dedicated to space activities. In previous roles, he has set the foundations for several technology solutions; past firms he has worked with include Airbus Defence and Space, Scor and Alcatel Group (Nokia). While joining Global Sky to serve its clients with his unique expertise, Francois has been developing Qosmosys, a first of its kind freighter-spacecraft technology aiming at connecting the world population with space throughout a panel of unprecedented range of services.