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We're a one-stop shop for aircraft transaction solutions.

A wide Area of Expertise

Global Sky provides Aircraft Trading services to aircraft owners worldwide, offering exclusive access to an extensive inventory of second-hand fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.

Airlines are complex organisations evolving in a very competitive and fast changing environment. Comprehending the operational and financial implications of fleet management and such other related strategic decisions is mandatory to serve this challenging industry where no detail is to be overlooked.

Our team successfully combines this expertise with a constant pre-owned market awareness for all major narrow and wide-body aircraft types, enabling us to always be ahead of the curve when it come to sourcing offer or demand for jets.

Commercial Aircraft

Business Jets

To anyone looking to fly private, we offer access to a wide range of aircraft for sale, from VIP turboprops to corporate Jetliners.

At Global Sky, we are proud to represent numerous private owners, corporate clients and charter companies entrusting us with the remarketing or sourcing rights to their Business Jet.

Global Sky has this unique capability of gathering multiple know-hows under the same roof for both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.

Our thorough experience in the field and our international reach enables us to propose a great number of Helicopters for sale, and provide the right aircraft for the right mission to our clients.


Sales & Acquisitions

For anyone looking to purchase, lease or sell an aircraft, Global Sky makes sure to deliver the right solution at the right price in a professional and timely manner.

We rely on our an in-depth knowledge of the industry, long-standing relationship with the manufacturers and efficient network of trusted partners around the world to provide you with the best service in the field.

Our dedicated team will guide you at every stage to ensure smooth transaction completion, from pre-purchase technical inspections, retrofit management, insurance, contractual and escrow procedures, to delivery & after sales services

Additional Services

Beyond Sales & Acquisitions, Global Sky offers a full range of complementary services, from aircraft management to financing but also technical support, cabin design as well as legal & tax advisory. The ability to offer turnkey solutions and deliver high quality services efficiently has always be the highlight of our added value and remains at the center of all our concerns.

The Global Sky service doesn’t stop upon delivery. Whether you are a Helicopter or Jet owner, our worldwide network of trusted partners can handle every aircraft management aspects, from basic administration tasks to the most complex maintenance procedures, enabling you to concentrate on your day-to-day operations.

We accompany you step by step to make sure your aircraft ends up in the right hands and retains its full value by receiving the best standards of maintenance & operation services throughout its life cycle.

During or after the acquisition process, financial optimization remains a potential key concern of any corporate or private entity.

Global Sky works closely with selected aircraft financing institutions and will assist you in sourcing the best available financial options for your asset.

  • Pre-delivery payment financing
  • Asset based or Non-recourse financing
  • Operating lease solutions – ACMI and dry lease options
  • Refinancing
The aviation industry is adapting and growing constantly. Understanding the current regulations, authorities involved, and other market specificities from country to country is a prime element to successful aircraft transactions and operations.

Our specialized aviation experts directory include the best legal advisors and international tax specialists in the world. They can help you navigate in this complex ecosystem to structure the ownership, identify a fiscally advantageous legal entity to hold the aircraft, choose a specific depreciation methodology, and more.
When it comes to cabin design, we work with some of the top designers in the field to translate your ideas into custom built interiors that exude elegance, quality and comfort.

For customers wishing to convert their aircraft for a specific mission, change the paint scheme, simply replace or add any equipment to the existing configuration, our team will come up with the most suitable solution for each project, keeping efficiency, sophistication and safety as primary focus.